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TipToes Cover.jpg

TipToes is a solo piano composition by Jonathan Roberts. The first piece Jonathan composed, TipToes was originally released in 2013 and received praise from Peter Guy and  Liverpool music blog, Getintothis. Describing it as '... a resplendent aura of liquid-like patter.' TipToes was then placed on the GIT Ones to Watch 2014 list.


Weaving  between a typical waltz and a swelling rhythmic section in the middle, TipToes explores a variation on his melodic main theme and has reminiscence of Erik Satie, Thomas Newman and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s work.

TipToes was re-released via Society of Losers Records as part of the Lost//Losers collection in January 2021 and is available now on all streaming platforms.

'...beautiful panoramas of piano.' - Getintothis

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